What Do You Need to Succeed in 2019?


What do you need to succeed in 2019?

Is it more time dedicated to professional development? Training? Enabling technology? A coach or mentor? Look, performance success is nearly always dependent on additional resources beyond our personal capabilities for change. However, both individuals and even engagement teams we work with often look to engage resources they think they need without gaining clarity and alignment to the success they want to achieve.

If you have been working with us using the CARE framework for your performance success over the past couple weeks, by now you should have a clear line of sight to your personal path to 2019 success and your actions and activities should be in alignment with your organization, team, and peers. With clarity and alignment achieved we can now identify resources that will contribute to your success.

Your resources can include but are not limited to people, processes, technology, training, coaching, mentoring, really anything you need to assist you in achieving success in 2019.  Make a list of all potential resources you feel you will need.  As you determine your resources, ask these three questions to ensure they are resources that will make a positive contribution, not detract or become wasted.

• Why is this resource important to your success?

• How and when will I use this resource?

• How will I measure the impact of this resource?

If you can clearly articulate the answers to these questions then your resources stand a very good possibility of contributing to your success. Next week we tie everything together with enablement actions.

So, I will ask again, what do you need to succeed in 2019?


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