Aligning Your Personal Vision for Success


Goooooooal!!!!!!  To achieve success in soccer the foot, leg, body, head, eyes and mind must all be aligned to score a goal.  To achieve personal goal success in business, your actions, activities, behaviors, and priorities must be aligned with your organization, team and peer’s actions, activities and priorities. Misaligned goals are one of the top contributors to employee disengagement, confusion, frustration, and wasted time, leading to a major loss of productivity.

Step two in your CARE model for performance success is to ensure you align your personal vision for success, enhanced role clarity and the priorities you identified in the gaining clarity phase to the stated organizational goals, your managers vision for team success and those peers where you mutually contribute to each other’s success.

Once a plan is created and aligned, set monthly or bi-monthly alignment sessions (30 minutes or less) with your leader, your internal and external customers and key contributing peers.  At the end of those sessions you should walk away mutually aligned on what success looks like, what your contribution will be for the month(s), and any barriers that might exist - with a plan to overcome them.

Gaining and cultivating ongoing goal alignment is a major factor in contributing to personal goal success and enhanced overall employee engagement and connection.  Next week is all about the resources.


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