Teaming Up: Moving From Siloed to a Network of Teams


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The age of the hierarchical organization is quickly coming to an end. Businesses are reinventing themselves to compete in this complex and unpredictable world of change and opportunity, and this change applies to any and all industries, both small and large organizations. Organizations are decentralizing decision making, moving toward product and customer-centric performance models, and forming an agile network of highly engaged teams that communicate and deliver results in powerful ways.   

This “network of teams” performance model which promotes high employee engagement, strong, real-time communication, and rapid information flow is transforming organizations and providing for a very powerful organizational competitive advantage. These teams are purpose-focused, consistently exhibit the right team behaviors, are committed and supported at the very highest level of the organization.

But, as easy and enticing as it sounds to move to this team model the initial transition and the ability to actually enable and sustain long term success is difficult. Breaking down entrenched silos, cultivating true “shared responsibility”, ensuring transparency, and mastering the art of agile collaboration can become frustrating and very easy to abandon at the first sign of resistance. We know because we assist organizations in enabling this highly effective engagement team performance model on a day to day basis. 

Over the next several weeks, we will share with you the struggles and the successes many organizations encounter in this transition and provide an effective path forward for your organization.

So why now? According to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trend study, 92 percent of companies believe that redesigning the organization is imperative, making it No. 1 in ranked importance among their respondents.

So the question becomes: Is your organization moving to become more fluid and agile through greater employee and team engagement? If not, you are about to be competing against those that are.


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