Does Your Organization CARE to Engage Your Employees?


If you want better employee engagement, it can’t just be delegated to managers or HR. Our clients with 90+% employee engagement scores enable that success using a simple C.A.R.E engagement model.



Creating and maintaining clarity throughout any organization is crucial to achieving and sustaining measurable top-tier performance and engagement. Clarity in two ways; developing, cultivating and leveraging the organization’s “people” advantage and then maintaining a finger on the pulse of people’s engagement is critical.

People want a “reason to believe” in the organization they work for and they want to know that what they do matters and that their contributions are valued. This is the organization providing clarity so people, no matter where they are in the organization, feel connected and valued. What is your organizations “reason to believe”?


Aligning performance environment, culture, people, process and behaviors with purpose, vision, mission and values is a critical key to achieving sustained performance and employee engagement.


To continually cultivate and enable an organization where everyone is leading where they are and where leaders are supporting the growth and development of their people (and in turn driving results and engagement) requires the organization to invest in resources that both support and advance those efforts.


It’s time to enable!

Create and cultivate a culture and organizational performance environment that enables and accelerates success, not impedes or becomes a barrier to success. Form engagement teams, provide all employee engagement training and cultivate an organization that is employee engaged, leader supported, and organizational enabled.

Start by:

  • Ensuring that executive and senior leaders are aligned on purpose, vision, mission and values and are providing clarity and continually reinforcing the reason to believe for every employee.

  • Developing an effective onboarding process that provides leadership training and support for all new hires.

  • Providing coaching and mentoring to formal leaders so they in turn can more effectively coach and mentor their people.

  • Establishing a process that continually assesses organizational effectiveness and employee engagement and turns that feedback into rapid change.

  • Provide ongoing training and support that develops the leader in everyone.


So how much does your organization truly CARE about your employee’s engagement?


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