Teaming Up: What's Your Purpose?


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In our last blog, the future of organizational performance are in these “network of teams” working seamlessly, promoting enhanced employee engagement, real-time communication, rapid information flow, and agile collaboration. 

Our experience over the last 5 years cultivating and enabling these teams has shown it takes more than just getting people together and calling them an “engagement team.”  There is a time-tested formula that sets the right foundation for team success.


Let’s focus on purpose.  The foundation for any engagement team is establishing a clear purpose that every team member is aligned to.  Sounds easy, but it isn’t.  Every team struggles with this, and often, most teams skip over this important step and go right to resources and activities. 

This step is NOT just creating a purpose statement, this is a defining action in the formation of the team that provides:

  • An anchor point for the team.

  • The “what” for the team.

  • A definition of both success for the team and the desired impact of the team.

  • The answer to “why” this team and its work are important.

A team can have all the right behaviors with all team members committed and tremendous organizational support but without a clearly defined and aligned purpose, the team will have little to no direction and rarely achieve its full potential and desired outcomes. 

So, what’s your purpose?


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