Want Better Employee Engagement? Become a CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) for Your People.


If you want better employee engagement, leaders need to cultivate and support an environment of engagement, not compliance. If you are a formal leader of people, add the duties of the CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) to your role.

Our clients that have seen double digit improvement in overall employee engagement have leaders that cultivate employee-led engagement. They stop managing their people and begin developing environments of personal performance, accountability, change, and connecting people to a purpose, not a task. They enable so many more decisions then they could ever personally make in the past. Now that is true empowerment!

Engaged leaders look beyond titles, roles, and position descriptions of their people. They match talent to opportunity. We had one of our clients take a product manager, tap them on the shoulder to lead the effort to build a brand-new multimillion-dollar headquarters location. That building came four weeks ahead of schedule and right on budget…..they matched talent to opportunity and success happened. 

As a leader, are you:


Now is the time to make the leadershift and take on the role of CEO (Chief Engagement Officer). You and your organization will be glad you did.


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