Creating an Engaged Environment


If you want better employee engagement, you better engage your employees.

Talking about engaging employees is easy, actually creating a truly engaged employee environment that moves beyond just surveying employees annually, now that is difficult. 

In fact, according to the Gallup organization, the percentage of engaged employees has not moved 2-3 percentage points in over 18 years. But our work with clients has shown that, in fact, you can positively impact employee engagement by enabling and supporting a performance environment that actively engages employees in 5 key engagement areas.


  1. Change – Cultivate an environment that leads change and sees possibilities in everything, not that tries to manage change and allows the status quo to dominate the culture.

  2. Performance Management – Flip the model from managers reviewing performance to leaders that pursue performance and that coach to expectations which are set and owned by their employees.

  3. Accountability – Develop an organization where managers aren’t responsible for holding employees more accountable but create the environment where everyone holds themselves more accountable and where negative people don’t make the workplace caustic, but the workplace is caustic to negative people.

  4. Relationships – Engagement is all about establishing relationships.

    1. Break down silos by creating cross functional engagement teams that leverages unique talents, not position titles, to deliver top-tier results.

    2. Move from transactional relationships to creating more authentic relationships.

  5. Purpose – Is everyone in the organization connected to a purpose greater than their daily work tasks? Do they know how, where, and why they are making a significant difference in the work they do?

We have seen organizations move the employee engagement needle 20-30 percentage points, not just 2-3, by truly engaging employees. If you want more information on exponentially enhancing employee engagement, then engage in a conversation with us, and even with our clients, where we partner with them to be that much needed catalyst for employee engagement success, not employee survey apathy.


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