Destination: Success | Awareness = Responsibility


In leading our personal performance, if we seek or are “made aware" of development/growth opportunities it should motivate us to take personal responsibility to act, to do something: leverage a strength, change a behavior, enhance a skill, or learn something new. In our continuing Leading Performance blog series, we are sharing a high-level look at the 3 awareness’s we create with our coaching clients.

We start with enhancing a participant’s organizational awareness.


As you gain greater organizational awareness, take time to assess how situationally aware you might be. Each of us responds differently to both good and negative situations.  It is important in your personal performance development to acknowledge and understand the impact your natural actions and reactions (both positive and negative) have on situational outcomes.


And finally, the more self-aware you are of your own natural strengths and areas for personal development the more you can impact your personal performance results. List key technical and professional traits and attributes you possess.

Take responsibility today to gain greater organizational, situational, and self-awareness and turn that awareness into a dynamic personal plan for growth and development.


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