Destination: Success | Leading Personal Performance


The future of personal performance development is here. 

The traditional performance management process of annual personal goal setting, followed by mid-year and end of year performance reviews delivered by managers is evolving. We are seeing a rapid emergence of near real-time, ongoing, individual performance planning and feedback, supported by a host of enabling technology to assist in that feedback process. 

This evolution is a welcomed change to a decades old performance management process that supported a more command and control performance environment where a manager’s job was to manage their people’s actions and activities then evaluate performance and results and deliver a performance review at the end of the year. Unfortunately, this model produced more of a “check the box” activity that had to be completed by a deadline than meaningful performance planning, growth, and development.

Even if your organization has not participated in this evolution yet, it is coming, and you can personally prepare for the future by proactively engaging in leading your personal performance development process and activities today so when that transformation does arrive, you are already leading where you are. Over the next four weeks we will begin to move from just reviewing performance to you and your leader working continuously on pursing performance. From having expectations set for you to you proactively setting and aligning expectations with your manager in support of their vision and mission for your organization.  And finally, how to cultivate and lead ongoing, 15-20-minute performance connections that ensure you continually meet and exceed the mutually agreed upon expectations with your manager.

We will provide valuable insights and tools to assist you in leading and pursuing performance, preparing you for the next generation in performance development. 

We want to help enable personal performance success. 


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