Stop Fighting Change - Lead Your Change

Here are the top five areas each of us can lead change:


See Possibilities in Everything

Barriers, obstacles, and strained relationships are opportunities to lead change.


Think Disruptively

Don't succumb to the status quo. Think about opportunities differently.


Ask, What's Possible?

What is possible for you personally, in your career, and for your personal impact? "What's possible?" is a very powerful question that should be asked 5-10 times per day!


Act with Urgency

Don't let opportunities to lead change just drift. Don't wait for things to happen, make them happen, no matter where you are!


Don't Stop

Change is continual, even more so today than ever before. We can't rest on our past achievements or the opportunity to lead change will be missed.

We don't have time to fight change. If you will focus on these five Leading Change elements each day, your impact and personal growth will be greatly enhanced. Just try it for one week.

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