Make Traditional Performance Reviews Obsolete - Lead Your Performance

Over the next four weeks we will explore how by leading and cultivating your own personal performance model, both mid and end of year performance reviews become unnecessary.

No more end of year performance review surprises or “difficult” performance negotiations; move the conversation from ratings to performance impact. It has been well documented how much time and effort are wasting on traditional performance review processes. In fact, Deloitte found that creating and delivering performance ratings consumed over 2 million hours per year with little to no impact to actual performance.

In this blog series, you will gain both insights and tools that will replace “reviewing” performance with “pursuing” performance. We will provide tools so you can lead your performance, ensure role and activity clarity and alignment, and create a clear blueprint for performance that you can follow for enhanced personal and professional performance success. And lastly, we will provide a framework for creating and conducting performance connections that lead to meaningful performance impact. 

We flip the model for leading performance. Just invest 10 minutes a week with us over the next four weeks. I can assure you it will make a difference!

Upcoming Posts


OCTOBER 3 - Model for Performance Success

OCTOBER 10 - Blueprint for Individual Performance

OCTOBER 17 - The Performance Connection

OCTOBER 24 - Leading Performance Overview

Leading Performance Release Date

October 24, 2017

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Cornerstone Learning is a performance and leadership consulting organization that has worked with clients all over the world. Our focus is working with individuals and organizations to create performance solutions that deliver top-tier results by inspiring, enabling, and developing employee-led, leader supported, and organization enabled performance. We are able to successfully deliver this through multiple products and services such as employee surveysonline training, performance assessments, and performance coaching. The goal at Cornerstone Learning is to assist our clients in developing a dynamic and customized blue print to deliver role model organizational and personal performance.