From Duty to Passion

Are you coming into work every day out of a sense of duty and obligation to successfully complete today’s agenda and tasks? If you answered yes, you are not alone. A significant majority of people do just that.

In our last blog we talked about shifting from task to purpose. Once you make that very important shift, you will find the task you perform more meaningfully, fulfilling, and impactful.  You will also find yourself moving from performing a job out of duty (obligation or burden) to delivering on a purpose with passion (a desire, hunger, or craving) and a different level of commitment.  Additionally you shift from moments of apathy and surviving the day to moments of impact and thriving in the work you do.

To assist in making that shift, look at every professional relationship as a customer, in fact everyone in your sphere of influence is a customer. Both internal and external customers that you serve, the team you are a part of, you manager, basically any and all where you have direct or indirect impact are your customers.  If you received a customer satisfaction rating on a scale of 1-5 stars with 5 as outstanding, what would that rating be from all of those that had any interactions with you this week?  


If you will try to make that shift from duty to find purpose and passion on what you do and how you do it, it will be that passion for performance to deliver on expectations, promises, timelines, and to cultivate more authentic relationships that will create those positive moments of impact and provide a more fulfilling and meaningful day that is not driven out of burden or obligation.

Create positive moments of impact.

Shift from task and duty to purpose and passion, you will find the rewards great.  Want to learn more about shifting from duty to passion? Grab your copy of LeaderShift today!

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