Model for Performance Success - Clarity, Alignment, and Accountability

To lead your personal performance there are three core building blocks that lead to sustained performance success.

Clarity, alignment and accountability are critical to performance success in any environment or endeavor.

In fact, if you consistently gain and provide both clarity and alignment it becomes much easier to ensure accountability.


Lets start with the clarity. 

You can achieve greater personal clarity by:

  • Periodically reviewing and updating your formal job description.
  • Identifying and documenting your personal purpose, vision, and mission.
  • Each day review your key priorities and actions.


Now lets focus on your personal and organizational alignment.

How truly aligned are you?

Do you know...

  • Your managers description of your role and their expectations?
  • The purpose, mission, and vision of your organization and department?
  • The key priorities of your organization and team?


Finally, are your personally accountable?

It would be very easy to lack some accountability if you lack any clarity or alignment from the above exercises. The key to enhancing your accountability will be to gain more clarity and alignment. In addition, measure yourself against these key accountability elements:

  • Do you or have you placed blame or made excuses recently?
  • Are there issues/problems either in your control or out of your control that just continue to drift where you have not intervened?
  • Do you accept responsibility no matter what the circumstance might be to make positive things happen?

It is imperative to take control of our performance, don’t leave performance success and the measure of that success up to anyone else. Begin leading your performance today by gaining and achieving greater clarity, alignment and accountability, the core to performance success.

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