Leadership is Evolving, Are You?

Over the last six weeks we have explored the critical shifts occurring in leadership.

I challenge each of you to start with just one of the shifts above and put a 90-day plan in place to grow and develop your personal leadership in that area. For instance, if you feel too much of your day is task driven and you are just drifting from one day to the next, put a plan together to find purpose in what you do and connect to it.  If you lack clarity in your role or organization, seek information, ask questions, and move from fiction to the truth. You will see how clarity and alignment energizes you and those around you.

Clarity and alignment energizes you and those around you.

LeaderShift is real and happening around each of us. Embrace it, own it, and lead it. I promise it will make a difference in you and your organization. For more information and to order LeaderShift for you and your team please click here.  

All the best on your personal LeaderShift journey.

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LeaderShift is not a traditional leadership book that lectures instead of teaches. This book is a compelling fable that allows you to eavesdrop and learn how one leader built a successful team. You will discover a practical framework that will help decrease turnover, improve job satisfaction and improve your bottom line.

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