A Blueprint for Personal Performance

As we shift to leading our performance not waiting to review it, it is important to have a blueprint that guides our personal growth process. Your blueprint starts with establishing a firm foundation of greater organizational, situational, and self-awareness. 


Organizational Awareness

How connected and aligned are you to your organization and departmental purpose? Do you clearly understand the vision and mission that you and your team are striving to achieve? Are you exhibiting the values set by your organization you serve daily?

These are critical questions that we need continually clarity and become growth opportunities for all of us. 

Situational and Self-Awareness

As you gain greater organizational clarity it is important to enhance both your situational and self-awarenesses.  How you respond to circumstances both in your control and out of your control is often the difference in contributing to a positive outcome or creating a negative result. Having actions and activities that enhance your situational awareness is imperative to gaining greater influence and impact. Knowing your strengths and acknowledging your developmental opportunities and actually working daily to stretch and grow both your personal capabilities and capacity are key to gaining greater self-awareness.


With your foundation created, now build your growth framework by establishing actions and activities that develop both your personal and technical eligibility and enhances your behavioral suitability. Don’t forget the behavioral development since studies have shown that 80-85% of success in a position is behavioral, not technical. As you continue growing both your eligibility and suitability also focus on identifying your true potential and make time each week to cultivate and accelerate your future.

80-85% of success in a position is behavioral, not technical.

Stretch your personal growth, dream bigger, reach further than you ever thought possible and most importantly don’t give up on development!

This blueprint for performance, once completed, will serve as your performance connection guide to assist you in leading your monthly 10-15-minute ongoing performance connections that we will discuss next week. If you would like more information on leading your own performance as well as a structured blueprint to help guide you, please check out our online course, Leading Performance, out on October 24th!

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Leading Performance Release Date

October 24, 2017

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Cornerstone Learning is a performance and leadership consulting organization that has worked with clients all over the world. Our focus is working with individuals and organizations to create performance solutions that deliver top-tier results by inspiring, enabling, and developing employee-led, leader supported, and organization enabled performance. We are able to successfully deliver this through multiple products and services such as employee surveysonline training, performance assessments, and performance coaching. The goal at Cornerstone Learning is to assist our clients in developing a dynamic and customized blue print to deliver role model organizational and personal performance.