Elevating Engagement: Turn Your Manager Into a Great Coach!


Related Fun Fact of the Week:

John Wooden led his UCLA basketball team to ten basketball championships in twelve years, including seven in a row from 1967-1973! And if that wasn’t enough, four of those team finished a perfect 30-0.

Greatest coach of all time!

Let’s face it, most managers are not good coaches. The leaders that are good coaches partner in developing their people to a new level of performance success, tapping into and maximizing an individuals talent potential.  Unfortunately, these coaches are rare, so it provides an opportunity to step up and lead where we are and assist our managers (and ultimately ourselves) by helping them to be great coaches.

If you want better coaching, create a comprehensive vision for your own personal growth and development to include:

  • Performance expectations you set with your manager, not the other way around.

  • Identify your unque talent strengths and developmental opportunities.

  • Barriers you are facing.

  • Performance shortfalls you might be experiencing.

  • Your future talent potential opportunities.

By investing this time you are not only setting in motion the right personal actions and activities to produce results, but are also providing a tremendous foundation for any manager or mentor to coach you to higher performance, assisting in eliminating identified barriers and helping to reach and maximize your talent potential.

As a next step, if you will proactively set up a 20-minute, monthly performance connection with your manager where you lead a discussion focusing on each point of your plan and your results against that plan, it creates the environment for your manager to provide ongoing coaching and not just the typical end-of-year performance review discussion with little to no focus on development. This still might not make your manager a great coach but at least you are creating the right environment for coaching and over a couple of months you will be surprised how much better both you of will get at coaching and being coached.

It’s your career, your performance now in your control.

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