Disengagement: Stop Actions and Activities that are Known to Disengage


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Over the last few weeks we have highlighted a sure way to enhance the percentage of engaged employees in your organization: Stop actions and activities that disengage employees to elevate your employee engagement!

To summarize:

1. Eliminate the blackhole employee engagement surveys.

Engagement Action:

This year conduct the engagement survey as normal, but then:

  • Provide the results within 30 days and communicate to all employees.

  • Turn the results into action within 60 days through the use of employee-led teams with the support of HR and functional managers, not led by HR or the managers.

  • Starting at 90 days, provide continual engagement team(s) status and progress updates to the entire organization, with the intent to connect everyone to the progress every 30 days.

2. Evolve the Annual Performance Review Process

Engagement Action:

Shift performance management and performance reviews into performance enablement and performance connections:

• Evolve the semi-annual/annual performance reviews into 20-minute, monthly performance connections led by the employee and supported by the manager.

• Each monthly, gain clarity and ensure alignment to goals and expectations. Make adjustments and plan for the next 30 days. No surprises at the end of the year.

3. Close the great divide that disengages – Culture vs. Performance Environment

Engagement Action:

Get real. Identify does your performance environment reflect the stated culture or is the culture more aspirational:

• Form 5-8 person cross-functional employee teams with the goal to gain true and honest feedback about the current state of the performance environment people are working under and whether it reflects the stated corporate culture statements or marketing materials.

• Create employee engagement teams with the charter to take the focus groups’ feedback and begin to align the current performance environment with the aspirational culture.

• Determine resources and enabling actions and activities that will ensure ongoing alignment.

Sometime moving forward means stopping what we are doing today. If you want better employee engagement, you better engagement your employees.


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