Disengagement: Culture Vs. Performance Environment


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Culture vs. Performance Environment – The Great Disconnect that Disengages.

In every organization there is a culture and a performance environment that every employee comes to work and experiences each day. However, the organizational culture that is displayed on walls and websites is often aspirational and not the day to day performance environment. In fact, this gap can actually be a source of hallway banter and jokes if the disconnect is significant and the senior leadership fails to see or acknowledge that a divide exists.

It is this misalignment that can disengage an employee population. It is the “We say one thing but do another.” syndrome.

If our company branding states things like “We put our people first.”, “We are an innovative partner.”, “Best in class.”, “Customer focused”, and any number of other positive descriptors but employees walk into a performance environment of command and control management that accepts status quo and often looks to place blame when things don’t go as planned, it is easy to see why employee engagement can waiver.

It is time to align! Align your day to day performance environment to how your organizations marketing materials describe your organization. If your company struggles to get that alignment, we can help, let us show you how. A committed and engaged workforce is worth the effort.


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