Destination: Success | Get Engaged in your Learning


Last week we got immersed in our learning. This week we get engaged.  With so much information out there on any and ALL topics, it is easy to gain knowledge and insight. However, it is just as easy to stop our learning process there. We might invest time looking at training videos online for managing conflict, goal setting, or thousands of other content areas, or we might invest time in offsite training where great information and concepts are shared. But then we look up from our video-based learning or come back from the training session and let the whirlwind of our daily work engulf us and the opportunity to implement what we learned has passed.

Don’t let that happen to you! For sustained personal and team growth and development it is imperative that we engage. Take the concepts, ideas, and lectures and immediately find ways to turn knowledge into action and change. If we don’t, rarely do we change, and our learning efforts are lost or almost certainly minimized. So how do you engage? At Cornerstone Learning all of our training and learning content has the engagement built in so it is easy to engage.

However, if you don’t have engagement opportunities built into the training and development you are participating in, here are some ways for you to turn concept into action:

  • Meet with your manager, coach, or mentor and discuss the video, offsite training, book, or article you just completed and highlight the 2-3 core takeaways you feel will help you and have them hold you accountable to implementing those.
  • Take your learning and teach others.
  • Proactively schedule 15-20 minutes each month with your leader to report on your personal/team learning and change progress from your invested time.

These are just a few ideas that takes knowledge and turns it into meaningful results. 


Never stop engaging in your learning! Next week it's time to bring in reinforcement!


To get engaged in our five core leadership skills, check out our Lead Where You Are Passport! It contains courses and other resources focused on accountability, change, performance, relationships, and leading with purpose. And best of all, we're always adding new content, so the learning never stops!


For more information on how to more actively engage in your organization join our DESTINATION: SUCCESS page, or contact us!


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