A Lead Where You Are Mindset: Get Engaged in Learning


Related Fun Fact of the Week:

According to a 2009 study that was conducted in Paris, the participants’ brains actually worked at half capacity when they were asked to multitask. When multitasking, it typically takes the brain twice as long to complete an assignment or task, and your error rate goes up by about 50%.

As we close out our series on the Lead Where You Are mindset, we focus on creating a pathway to engaged success. Like organizational and individual performance, learning continues to evolve. Today, even more so than in the past, it is crucial to continue developing our individual skills and talents both inside and outside the workplace. In the past, organizations would spend thousands of dollars to send employees to multi-day training seminars with little to no follow up so retention was limited. As we move toward leading where we are, we want to change past ineffective processes and move toward sustainable engaged learning. The following three step learning process is a proven model for learning engagement and retention.


Step 1 - Immerse

This step is the foundation of effective learning and retention. Building our knowledge with content, concept awareness and a vision for what success looks like moving forward.

Step 2 - Engage

Engaging in your learning is taking what we learn in the immersion step and moving it to the next level, turning information into insights and action. Examples of this could be meeting with your manager to discuss key takeaways in order to create accountability, teaching what you learn to others, and scheduling time each month to meet with your mentor or manager about how you are using the information gained.

Step 3 - Reinforcement

This final step is about finding additional ways to expand on the knowledge gained and develop measures of progress for yourself. Find ways to gain feedback or create daily reminders about your new learnings that trigger related thinking and activities.


Set your learning investment apart and take your growth and impact to a whole new level. Get immersed, actively engage and continually reinforce.

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