Destination: Success | See Possibilities in Everything


In our last Destination: Success blog, we talked about leading personal and team engagement by not waiting for, or managing change, but by actively leading and engaging in change. We also introduced the 5-step model of leading effective change (shown in the graphic above). The first step in that model: Seeing Possibilities in Everything for change.

This week, you and your peers take 30 minutes to list 2-3 things that are working well around you and 2-3 things that are not working well. Then prioritize both lists by the potential positive or negative impact on the team. These prioritized lists are your employee-led change possibilities.

  1. List things that ARE working.

  2. List things that ARE NOT working.

  3. Prioritize both lists by positive or negative impacts.

In addition to this group change engagement activity, just look around you. Is there ever blame and justification going on around you or in meetings you might be attending? If so, there is a possibility for change. Just intervene professionally and ask, “How can I help?” or “What would success look like if we got everyone aligned?”. 

In addition, are there possibilities for you to build and cultivate more authentic relationships with your peers, your manager, or other parts of the organization? If so, those are possibilities for change. I could keep the list going but possibilities for change exist literally everywhere! 

Now it is time to engage in change by trying step one in the change process this week. See the possibilities in everything!


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