What is the purpose in your tasks?

Work your daily tasks with meaning and purpose even if they seem menial to you or others. 

Working on a line creating and delivering sandwiches to customers at lunch may not sound exciting to some, but what if as you were putting ingredients together on that sandwich you made someone’s day by just saying hi, engaging in a fifteen second conversation and making them smile on what could have been a difficult morning for them.  Or, as you are working on those end of month accounting closing statements you reach out to a co-worker to help them get to their child’s first dance recital or little league baseball game, or just let them talk about what is important to them for those fifteen minutes.

While each of us has our tasks to do no matter where we are in an organization, deliver those tasks with and for a greater purpose.  If things in your department are drifting, step up with a purpose to make a positive difference this week.  Intervene in the drift with options and suggestions for improvement.  Take time to reach out and cultivate more authentic relationships with those around you, and finally, lead change from where you are in a positive way, don’t just accept the status quo.

Find purpose this week in the tasks you complete! Where can you make a difference?

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