Are you a 5 star performer?

It doesn’t matter your role or position in the company, from the very top to the most entry level, this week rate your performance as if you were an UBER or Lyft driver.  At the end of every one-on-one interaction, group meeting, board or sales presentation, customer service call, etc., put down a rating for yourself on a scale from 1 (poor performance) to 5-star (exceptional performance). Make the rating from others' perspective, not yours, and be honest with yourself. If they had an app that could immediately rate you, are you producing 5-star performances where others are gaining tremendous value from you and want to interact with you?  If you have a low 1-3 one time performance rating in a meeting or phone call, that is your call to action to make the next 4 interactions 5-star performances. Your goal this week is to achieve a 4.8 to 5-star average rating for all your performance impact opportunities. Good luck!

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