What is Going On Around Here?

What is your organizations environment for performance?

Individual and team performance is either enabled or handicapped by the culture and the performance environment created and cultivated (knowing or unknowingly) throughout an organization.  A good exercise in these first few weeks of the new year is to look at the challenges and opportunities facing your organization in 2017 and invest the time and resources to assess whether or not your organization has the right culture, values, behaviors, and competencies at every level of the organization to meet the challenges and capitalize on those opportunities.

It is important to conduct either a formal or informal organizational pulse survey to determine if people are truly engaged and committed to success in 2017 or if they are complacent and existing in a position just to get through the day.  Does the performance environment in the organization talk a lot about change and innovation with little to no proactive change or innovation happening?  Or maybe there is too much unnecessary and reactive change going on where change fatigue and a lack of direction or commitment to long term success is prevalent?

Understanding both your current and future performance environments are two of the most critical starting points to new year efforts that any organization can embark on that will positively impact success at the end of the year. 

Once your future-state is identified, engage employee-led teams to assist in defining the actions and activities that will help close any gaps that might exist from your current-state and provide options and recommendations that will cultivate a 2017 (and beyond) performance environment of clarity, alignment, and accountability.

So what performance environment has your organization enabled and cultivated?  If you don’t know, now is the time to find out!


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