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Cornerstone Learning is a performance and leadership consulting organization that has worked with clients all over the world. Our focus is working with individuals and organizations to enhance organizational and individual engagement by inspiring, enabling, and developing employee-engaged, leader supported, and organization enabled performance environments. We are able to successfully deliver this through multiple products and services such as employee surveysonline training, performance assessments, and performance coaching. The goal at Cornerstone Learning is to assist our clients in developing a dynamic and customized blueprint to enhance organizational performance environments leading to increased employee engagement.




Over 25 years of proven leadership success, our team of Performance Coaches, Advisors, and Learning Architects have successfully partnered with hundreds of organizations and individuals to create performance environments that deliver top tier results by inspiring, enabling and developing Employee-Engaged, Leader Supported, Organization Enabled performance.

Our Experience - Your Benefit


We provide our clients with insight, breakthrough thought leadership and innovative solutions that transform ineffective performance management processes and cultivate environments of performance by design, not default. We bring vision and focus to an outdated management model and extend the impact of leadership to every employee.  [See performance model below]

Our Insights - Your Opportunities


When you combine Cornerstone Learning’s 25+ years of experience with breakthrough insights and innovative solutions that enhance organization, team and individual performance, you achieve meaningful and lasting impact delivering consistent top tier performance and engagement at every level.

Our Impact - Your Results

The Employee-Led, Leader Supported, Organization Enabled Performance Model


Are your employees truly committed and engaged in leading change, owning their performance, accepting accountability and exhibiting leadership at every level?

Our progressive, blended learning experiences provide the tools, training, and ongoing reinforcement for everyone, no matter their role or title in the organization to develop role model leadership skills and behaviors leading to sustained top-tier performance and engagement.


Leader Support

Are you cultivating and developing the skills and behaviors of your leaders to meet the unique challenges of the future and enable sustained employee engagement? 

Our vision for transformative leader support challenges the outdated management model and behaviors dating back to WWII and shifts the actions and activities of people leaders to better align with the future leadership competencies to inspire, energize, facilitate and develop the leader in everyone.


Organization Enabled

Is your organization enabling the right environments, the right vision and mission, the right behaviors and the right priorities to deliver the right results in the right way? 

Performance by design, not by default! 

A strong performance environment is key to sustained engagement, commitment, and top tier results. Our innovative Engagement C.A.R.E model provides a blueprint for organizational clarity, alignment and employee engagement.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
— John F. Kennedy