A Lead Where You Are Mindset: "How can I help?"


Related Fun Fact of the Week:

According to a 2011 discovery by Chip Coakley, a Cambridge University manuscript expert, Syriac was the first language to use a punctuation mark to indicate an interrogative sentence. The Syriac question mark, known as the "zagwa elaya" or "upper pair", has the form of a vertical double dot over a word.

Change and disruption are the new normal and we must move from embracing change to leading it, and from letting things happen to making things happen.

When faced with barriers and obstacles, see possibilities for change.
When confronted with a negative person, see possibilities for change.
When there is blame and justification going on around you, see possibilities for change.

In every one of these situations, if you lead where you are by asking this very simple but powerful change question, “How can I help?”, you lead change right where you are, right in that moment.

“How can I help remove these obstacles and barriers?”
“How can I help shift the negative perspective to encourage making a positive impact?”
”How can I help move us from placing blame to defining success and accepting responsibility, to making things happen?”

Four simple words to lead change with: How can I help?  Just try it this next week and see the impact you make.

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