Creating and Sustaining Employee Engagement at All Levels


Related Fun Fact of the Week: Workplace engagement in the United States sits at a mere 33%. Globally? A dismal 13%!

Just imagine the productivity gains we could have if we all chose to engage. Not just waiting for organizations to engage us, but engaged as individuals. Oh and by the way, engagement has proven to have a direct correlation to job satisfaction and happiness. That is in our control.

To wrap up this series on elevating employee engagement, we have shown that moving the needle on employee engagement is much more than conducting a survey and putting together employee networking events. That is why employee engagement has not increased over 2-3 percentages points in nearly 20 years.


Creating and sustaining an organization of highly engaged employees becomes reality when:

  1. An organization is committed to enabling and cultivating a culture and the prevailing performance environment where every employee is encouraged and trained to lead where they are, no matter their title or position in the organization. In addition, rapid teaming taps into, and combines, the unique talents of individuals to solve complex issues and to take advantage of future opportunities.

  2. Leaders shift from managing people and their activities to supporting and enabling them. Where performance is pursued, not reviewed and they are truly coaching, not coaxing.

  3. Where all employees take ownership and accountability for their engagement by:

    • Leading their personal and team performance.

    • Leading change, not managing it.

    • Leading with accountability, no matter what.

    • Establishing and cultivating relationships beyond just communicating with ‘bits and bytes’.


Elevating employee engagement is difficult and complex but the rewards in productivity, retention and bottom-line profits are immense. Employee-engaged, leader supported, organization enabled…the keys to elevating, and most importantly, sustaining top-tier employee engagement.


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