Want to Be More Engaged in Your Workplace?


Random Related Fun Fact of the Week: The average length of an engagement is 14.7 months.

Bonus Fun Fact #2: Approximately 2,000 couples get engaged every year at Disney World.

Bonus Fun Fact #3: 75% of brides change their Facebook status shortly after getting engaged.

Oh…wait…that’s not the type of engagement we talk about here! Ok, never mind, on to this week’s insights!

Let it start with you! Up your personal engagement by:

1. Stop any negative talk, actions or behaviors that impact you or those around you. Be a source of positive momentum.

2. Proactively pursue your performance, don’t wait to react to a performance review in 6 months or a year. Set a 20-minute performance connection with your manager every month that you lead.

3. Ask your manager if you can lead a ‘what’s working well, not working well’ session with your team. Take the feedback, and as a team continue to leverage the strengths and form small action teams to create options that will change what’s not.

If each of us would proactively do one, or all of these, you can’t help but have better employee engagement. Think about it, better engagement starts with each of us getting engaged!


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