Leading Performance Connections: The Wrap Up


Random Related Fun Fact of the Week: Steven King did not tell his kids bedtime stories; he made them tell him stories!

This is just a leader instilling an employee-led, leader supported mindset in his kids at an early age!

During this series on reimagining personal performance, we have discussed the much needed evolution of moving from the decades old, less than effective performance management process with the annual and semi-annual review written and delivered by your manager, to next generation performance enablement where you and your manager focus on pursuing performance with the main catalyst of performance being a monthly 20-30 minute performance connection that is employee-led and manager supported. These ongoing, proactive performance connections provide real time clarity, awareness and alignment to success.

Last week we introduced a unique way to continually assess your personal performance, we called it UBER Driven Performance. This performance model allows you to assess your impact and value contributed after every interaction. Did you perform at a 1-2 star level or 4-5 star level after that meeting, phone call or even that hallway interaction? And how would those you were interacting with rate you? This UBER focus on performance, over time, will drive your performance success to whole levels in every interaction and every situation.

Now, we wrap up this series with what we do if we are not meeting expectations that we set and our performance is not where we want it. It’s time to have a crucial performance conversation with our manager or the team that we might be impacting. For years organizations have been offering training for managers on how to have that crucial conversation with the objective to provide tools and a script that tells their employee what they probably already know but don’t acknowledge or accept accountability for poor or less than desirable performance.

It is time to proactively lead our personal performance even when our performance may not be meeting stated expectations. Rather than waiting for our manager to have that crucial conversation with us, it is imperative we take proactive accountability as soon as possible to acknowledge our activity short falls, possible barriers to success, or other factors that are leading to missed expectations. Our crucial conversation is structured to move quickly to acknowledge any personal performance issues that you control or influence and accept responsibility for making changes by using our proven 4 A’s of performance accountability model (Accept, Act, Adjust, and Achieve) to rapidly get back on track exceeding expectations and ensuring performance success.

Over the last few weeks we wanted to enable your success by encouraging each of you to take control of your personal performance, career, and to own and proactively pursue performance success, not just having a manager, one time a year, review our performance and call that development.

Lead the performance evolution currently underway, shift from having your performance reviewed to proactively pursuing performance, every day, every interaction. If you need support and guidance in making this performance shift, we can help. Also, let us hear from you on your personal performance journey. It’s your performance, your career, your results in your control.


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