Leading Performance Connections: An Uber Driven Performance Mindset


Random Related Fun Fact of the Week: Did you know that once the 4-minute mile run barrier was broken in 1954 by Sir Roger Bannister, it only took 46 days for the next person to break it and then within the year three more runners broke it? Now within the last 60 years over 1,400 runners have now broken that barrier.

Bonus Fact: You have to run 15 miles per hour or 22 feet per second to achieve the 4-minute mile!

So don’t let perceived barriers hold back your performance!

At the end of each Uber ride what happens? Your receive a notification on your phone to rate your driver, providing direct, relevant feedback. There is absolutely nothing the driver can do once the ride is over and that feedback has been submitted. Their only recourse at that point is what? Yell, stomp and holler? Maybe, but that won't change anything. The only productive recourse is to make the next 3,4,5 rides 5-star experiences.

Now what if our everyday interactions, our conversations, meetings and emails were all rated and given feedback in this way? While that is a stretch, what if we held ourselves to that standard? The future of performance lies here. As mentioned last week, the current performance management process must be disrupted just like UBER has disrupted the transportation industry. When we begin to have the 20-30 minute performance connections, in addition to our semi-annual and annual reviews, it is imperative to have an UBER-driven performance mindset. Rating and giving ourselves honest, constant feedback, as well as accepting feedback from others. What's the ultimate outcome of this shift? It becomes employee-led (your) performance being developed and pursued by the employee (you) with no surprises. It's your performance, your career, in your control.

As the shift begins to happen, it then becomes easier to start celebrating and acknowledging milestones and achievements along the way. They are documented and discussed on a consistent and ongoing basis and the outcomes and successes are clear and aligned. Remember, there should be no surprises come year-end!

Next week we close out our Leading Performance Connections series by recapping what we have talked about the past few weeks and discussing how and when to have crucial conversations.


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