Leading Performance Connections: Evolving Performance


Moving from Reviewing to Pursuing Performance

For over three decades we have endured being rated for a year’s worth of work in a one-hour meeting where we receive feedback based on what has been documented or remembered by our manager. It is an ineffective system of trying to manage performance when performance should be pursued on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

It is time to disrupt historical performance management as we know it. It is your performance, your career and now it is time for you to take control. Never be surprised by another performance review. Let’s evolve from the annual performance review meeting that everyone dislikes to having engaged, two-way, monthly performance connections led by you and supported by your manager. The goal? for both of you to actively and in real-time pursue performance, not reactively review your performance.

We suggest a framework for these 20-30 minute performance connections beginning with a foundation of gaining and providing awareness and ensuring alignment. You set the expectations not your manager.

As you gain greater awareness it is important to then ensure alignment of these opportunities with your manager. This should be the basis for all ongoing performance connections. Each month with your manager, continually align your actions, activities and goals with the organizational vision, your stated job role, mutually agreed upon priorities and invest time in personally developing and leveraging your identified potential.

Next week we will explore personally assessing your performance and team contribution and your path to sustained performance success.


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