Establishing and Ensuring Continual Performance Clarity


This year, don’t set goals just to check an organizational box. Create a clear, aligned and agile personal performance plan that guides and delivers 2019 personal performance success.

In these dynamic and often unpredictable business cycles the SMART goal setting process of the past can be limiting and difficult to manage specific, time-bound targets when business models are disrupted, customer expectations/demands constantly shift and technology changes our world at any given time.

To thrive in these times, we are sharing with you a personal and organizational planning process we use with clients that provides clarity, alignment, resources and continually adjusts and enables performance success, no matter the prevailing performance environment. We call it CARE.

In this blog we will highlight the C (Clarity), establishing and ensuring continual performance clarity.

It is important to establish a clear foundation and vision for personal performance success.  Start with clarifying the following:

  • Organization, team and personal performance success for 2019

  • Role definition - Ask Human Resources for a copy of your job description.  Take the time to update it, if necessary, to ensure you are clear on what the organization expects from the role you are performing.

  • Key Actions

  • Priorities

Once you have initial clarity, it is imperative you continually define success and communicate with others the progress towards that success you are achieving and any barriers you encounter as the performance dynamics evolve. Gaining and providing clarity is an ongoing process.

Next week aligning your path to success with your organization, your leader, your team and your peers.


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