Teaming Up: Where is the Support?


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An engagement team’s level of success and the ultimate impact of that success is often determined by the level of organizational support it receives throughout the team engagement.

Does the overall organization embrace and enable employee engagement by sponsoring and supporting individual and team engagement training? Are senior organizational leaders actively participating by allocating time for engagement activities, and by showing interest in and implementing many of the various engagement team and individual recommendations?  Lastly, do our front-line leaders encourage greater engagement by inspiring and enabling people and teams, not directing or controlling their activities?

A team can have a clearly defined and communicated purpose, exhibit all the positive team behaviors during the teaming process and all members be completely committed, but if they do not have organizational support to listen and act then it marginalizes, if not destroys, all future employee engagement activities.

Our experience enabling employee engagement points to a simple, but effective success model for team and individual engagement. Purpose, behavior, commitment and support. If you and or your organization would like to know more about enhancing employee engagement, please contact us here.


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