Teaming Up: Are You Committed?


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Your team needs you! 

We are in our third week of exploring what the most successful engagement teams do consistently to achieve team success and deliver on their defined purpose. 

A team can define its purpose, exhibit all the right team behaviors and have complete organizational support, but if any one or more of the team members are not fully committed to contributing to the team’s efforts it is this lack of commitment that is a major contributing factor for teams not achieving team the goals and success they have defined.

In working with engagement teams over the last 4-5 years we have found a number of key areas where individual and team commitment enables and accelerates team success.


Each team member must be committed to: 

  • Consistently attending scheduled meetings and events.

  • Preparing for each team meeting.

  • Commit to and deliver on all agreed upon next step actions.

  • Providing thoughts and ideas and challenging the status quo.

  • Learning and developing both as an individual and as a team (engagement team training).

  • Encouraging peers and those in their sphere of influence to actively engage.

  • Coach and mentor other newly formed engagement teams.


Staying committed to engagement team success is difficult. Each year we work with dozens of engagement teams from their initiation to completion and with each one of them team and individual commitment is tested in some way. Day to day functional job pressures and the pace of change in business adds pressure and challenges that commitment.  But, stay the course and, if necessary, reach out to the engagement team sponsor to assist in prioritizing both the importance to the organization and the time commitment required of you and your team to deliver on your team purpose.

Stay committed, your team and organization need you. 


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