Teaming Up: Exemplifying the Right Behaviors


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As we continue our efforts to leverage our experience in enabling engagement team success we want to turn our attention to establishing the right team environment by identifying and exemplifying the right team behaviors.

The team can have a clear team purpose, each team member can be committed, and the team can have all the organizational support it can garner, but if the team doesn’t define and consistently show the behaviors that will enable success, as well as identify and acknowledge behaviors that, if shown, will derail the teams efforts, the team stands a chance of not reaching the its full potential and not delivering on its stated purpose and team charter.

A critical team best practice is in the initial phase of team formation: Openly brainstorming and documenting team behaviors that will enable success and those that could potential derail the team.  Here are a few behaviors from other engagement teams brainstorming lists to jump start the discussion if you need them.


Enabling behaviors for success: 

Active engagement by ALL members.

Model personal and team leadership.

Provide insight, NOT barriers.

Use influence, NOT power.

Act with urgency.

Disruptive thinking, NOT disruptive actions.

Always seek clarity and alignment.

Reward and recognize milestones.

Dis-enabling behaviors to avoid:


Dominate the team discussion.

Settling for status quo.

Blame and justification

Failing to show, both physically and mentally.

Defaulting to “No” or “Can’t be done.”

Being self-centered or self-serving.

Lack of individual and team preparation.


Once the enabling and dis-enabling lists are agreed upon by all team members, it is an engagement team best practice to review the lists periodically at the start of team meetings just to reinforce how important the focus on exhibiting the right team behaviors are to achieving team success. 

The results an engagement team delivers are important, but how those results are achieved along the way are equally as important. Don’t assume good team behavior, cultivate it!


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