Moving Performance From Compliance to Engagement


A top-down, command and control performance environment can get things done and generate success. But it often cultivates a culture of employee compliance and negatively impacts overall employee engagement. Let's take a look at the difference between a compliance-driven organization versus a purpose-driven, employee engaged performance environment and ways we can make a personal shift to greater individual and team engagement. 


Compliant Behaviors

Performance is managed

Blame and justification


See obstacles

Waits for things to happen


Engaged Behaviors

Lead your personal performance

Seek understanding


Seek possibilities

Make things happen

Consider yourself fortunate if your organization is creating and cultivating top-tier performance through a sustained, employee engaged performance model. For those of us not so fortunate, how do we step up, lead where we are, and begin the shift from performance compliance to active engagement?


Personal Shift One - Begin by taking control of your performance and leading it by proactively setting expectations with your manager aligned to organizational purpose and vision. Once you set expectations, conduct monthly performance feedback sessions with your leader. If you don’t want your performance managed semiannually and/or annually, then engage by actively managing your personal performance and begin to reimagine performance management as performance development.

Personal Shift Two - If you see and hear blaming and justification then stop and seek understanding first, get clear and get aligned.

Personal Shift Three – Transform from task-focused delivery to purpose-driven engagement.

Personal Shift Four – Where you see obstacles and potential failure, turn it around, seek possibilities in everything, and create options and recommendations.

Personal Shift Five – Stop waiting for things to happen to you, go out and make things happen, stop playing the waiting game.


Break free of a compliant performance environment by actively engaging, leading and cultivating your own personal performance, change, relationships, and accountability.  If you want better employee engagement, you better engage in your own personal performance.


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