The Evolution of Organizational Performance: Part Four


Part Four: The Future of Organization Performance - Now


We conclude our blog series on the evolution of organizational performance by looking at the future of performance and how we can align our actions, activities, and behaviors to stay ahead of this complicated and complex landscape of organizational performance.

Let’s first quickly recap our journey to date by listing key characteristics and positives takeaways of each era, as well as a future comparative look.


The future is not developing 1-3-5 year plans. It is about connecting and inspiring people to move and think with you, challenging the status quo, and creating an environment for fast cycle, agile, real time performance. As leaders, we can no longer depend on directing and controlling. We must enable and facilitate success and performance and finally, even though your title may not be manager, our role is to develop, cultivate and lead the environments of performance, accountability, personal/team performance, and disruptive, positive change. 

Create team learning workshops, teaching them how to set expectations and review their ongoing performance with their leader each month. Cultivate a performance environment that is caustic to negative people, not where negative people make the performance environment caustic to everyone else. And finally, develop your team to lead change, think disruptively, and always challenge the status quo.

You see, the future performance evolution starts with you today….develop the leader in everyone by making a LeaderShift in you.


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