Destination: Success | What is Your True Potential?


Over the last two weeks we have created a foundation for leading your individual performance by creating greater personal organizational, situational, and self-awareness and established a framework on that foundation with a focus on developing your professional eligibility, suitability, and viability.  

With both a firm foundation and the framework in place, our attention now turns to identifying and cultivating your potential and enhancing your professional impact and value

Let's start with your potential. Have you ever been asked “What is your potential?” and “How do we tap into that potential?” If not, you have now! Potential is not about today’s completion of tasks but tomorrows personal and professional aspirations.

Invest time each month in defining, refining, and cultivating your potential and proactively sharing your monthly progress with your direct leader.


What is your potential?


In addition to cultivating potential, you want to continually focus on enhancing your professional impact. It is important to find opportunities that add value and impact organizationally, with your team, and personally.


Organizational Impact:

  • Invest time to learn more about your industry – trends, challenges etc.
  • Read articles and white papers, attend industry conferences and education sessions online
  • Attend/organize internal educational sessions (lunch and learns, etc.)

Team Impact:

  • Take the lead in establishing better team alignment/connections
  • Each quarter take time to identify, as a team, what's working and what’s not working then create a plan for continual team improvement and engagement

Personal Impact:

  • Proactively schedule 15-minute performance connections with your direct leader to review and pursue your performance plan and results
  • Become a role model for leading both accountability and change
  • Invest time in cultivating more authentic relationships in your personal sphere of influence

If you will invest just one hour each month to cultivate your potential and enhance your professional impact you will see where taking control and leading your personal performance will make a tremendous, positive impact on you, your team and the organization you invest so much time with.

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For more information on how to more actively engage in your organization join our DESTINATION: SUCCESS page, or contact us!


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