Destination: Success | Don't Stop Leading Change


Change never stops, so our opportunity this week (and moving forward) is to never stop engaging in and leading that change.

As we wrap up this Destination Success blog series on Leading Change, I want to challenge you to never stop!

Never stop seeing possibilities for change everywhere. The opportunity for positive, proactive change exists everywhere, we have only to engage!

Never stop thinking differently, disruptively. Don’t limit your thinking. Don’t let past failures or resigning to the status quo kill your passion to make a significant difference.

Never stop creating options and offering your recommendations for change. We don’t need 100% solutions, we just need options.  Don’t get discouraged when your first, second, or even your tenth option gets rejected, it very easily could be the eleventh time that changes everything!

Never stop acting with urgency. Complacency is the near-death experience to change. Don’t wait. Act, then adjust if necessary, but don’t stop moving forward rapidly. Change never waits, and neither should you.

And finally, never stop leading right where you are. 


Your Destination Success: Go Lead Change!


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