Destination: Success | Create Options, Not Obstacles


The old adage of “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions” was sage advice when the pace of change and the complexity of the issues and opportunities were dramatically different. In leading change by seeing possibilities in everything and thinking differently and disruptively, it’s not about coming to final, fully-vetted solutions that can take too much time to make when decision speed and agility are key. It is about creating insights, developing options, and determining impact

From options, solutions will naturally begin to form, but it is imperative not to discount any options that might exist while trying to form a 100% solution.

Look at your list of change opportunities with disruptive thinking applied. What options are available? Based on those options, what insights can you form and what is the potential impact of each option? Then, develop your final recommendations but be open to explore other options and or a combination of options that might lead to the final solution.

It is such an uncertain universe out there that you have to create what I call ‘real’ options and develop capabilities that will enable you to deal with an environment that will change anyway.
— Anand Mahindra

Next week we will focus on the need for urgency in leading change.


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