Destination: Success | The Future of Performance is all about Teams


Performance is evolving from top down, command and control directives to engaged teams that are supported and enabled by leadership and the organization.  

The future of organizational performance – A significant portion of work will be conducted by a network of employee engagement teams. These teams provide incredible decision making/problem solving agility and performance.  Teams form as needed and disband once success is achieved. Individuals will potentially contribute to a number of teams over the course of any given year.  

As this team performance evolves, titles and organization hierarchy become less important.  Success is achieved through the teams’ collective knowledge, insight, and experience all guided by a shared vision to achieve a defined purpose. Organization support and formal leadership roles shift from top down decision making and management to enabling performance success by breaking down any barriers that might exist. 

The end result of this evolution? 


These engagement teams, with the right training, support, and reinforcement, produce amazing results while enhancing productivity, increasing the speed of change, breaking down silos, and engaging every employee in the organization.

Want better employee engagement? The future of performance is all about the team!


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