Destination: Success | It's Time to Engage


If you want better team engagement, you better engage as a team. If you want better employee engagement, you better engage the employees. If you want better personal engagement, you better personally engage. 

You know, we hear a lot about wanting more and or better team, employee, and personal engagement…and that is the problem, we hear a lot more talk about engagement rather than seeing active engagement.  

For example, in your organization, is employee engagement really only talked about prior to and for the 45 days following the annual or bi-annual “employee engagement survey”, with little to no sustained follow-up beyond that?  Does your culture “branding” mention a lot about team(s); things like “Together we win.”, “We are one.”, et cetera, but the actual daily “performance environment” is driven by functional silos, task-focused, and managed performance with very few opportunities to actually engage as a high-performance, employee-led team? 

With a lot of talk about engagement and little to no focus on activities that cultivate and support true organization and or team engagement, do you find it personally difficult to actively engage? Lastly, do you feel like employees are just coming in with a purpose to achieve daily/weekly tasks instead of coming in each day to achieve a purpose?  

If this is the case, the next three Destination: Success blogs will give you actions and best practices you can personally do and learn from to lead active engagement right where you are.

But don’t wait until next week, let’s start by looking at your sphere of influence so we know where the greatest opportunities for you to more actively engage exist.


Destination Success: It’s time to engage!



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