A Truly Great Leader

Today, we honor and pay tribute to Martin Luther King, a timeless leader who, even today, is a role model for our next generation of leaders. If you truly look at it, MLK exemplifies all the traits and characteristics that we need in leading today’s very complex and difficult world.  



He inspires other to action.  Martin Luther King didn’t have a “I Have a Plan Speech”. No, he had a “I Have a Dream Speech” that touched, energized, and mobilized millions, even in a world without social media. 


Dr. King energized his followers by connecting with them, not communicating to them.  Even today, I don't believe we would see him using Twitter or Facebook as his main source of connection. He would invest the time to go into the communities, churches, and homes to directly and authentically connect with them. Meet them where they are and understand who they are, all of which creates energy and personal commitment.


MLK facilitated a movement and social change, he didn’t control it or direct it.  He was there to enable it and facilitate the actions and activities required through others. He didn’t demand people comply with him, he engaged them and supported their efforts, he didn’t micromanage them.


And finally, Dr. King developed others and cultivated the right environment to lead the change he so vividly saw and desperately wanted.  He knew he couldn’t do it alone, so he invested time, poured into, coached, and mentored those leadership skills and character traits he naturally exhibited. 


Today, we honor and pay tribute to Martin Luther King, a leader we hold up each day to so many as a true role model leader for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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