Looking Forward


It is December 3, 2018, another year has just passed and you are looking forward to the holiday season, 2019, and all that it will bring.


But you are reflecting back on 2018 and what kind of year you had:

  • What did you accomplish, both personally and professionally?
  • Did you proactively set performance expectations with your manager and follow up each month with setting performance connection time (15-20 minutes) where you led the performance discussion on how well you are meeting those expectations?
  • What kind of positive impact did you have and what obstacles did you face and overcome?
  • Where did you personally grow and what behaviors did you focus on changing or developing? For example – less defensiveness, more flexibility in your communication style, better collaborator, showing more empathy.
  • Did you step up and lead where you are with greater personally accountability? Did you make things happen or just let things happen?
  • Where did you lead change and think more disruptively while not acting disruptively?

The good news it is only January 9, 2018 and you have the entire year to be the person you just thought about.  

It’s not about goals and resolutions, it's about impact and results. Don’t make goals, make things happen. Beginning with the end in mind, you have the foundation for a tremendous 2018.  


It’s your performance, your career, in your control! 

Lead where you are, no matter where you are in 2018.

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