In It Together

Having witnessed firsthand the desperate calls over the Zello app for help when a complete North Houston neighborhood suddenly and without warning became inundated by flood waters and over 80 boats lined up in a matter of 45 minutes to launch and help was truly inspirational. Then 30 minutes later another desperate call for help at a nursing home some 3 miles away and another 50 boats from out of nowhere showed up and we launched a boat every minute or so from the side of a road. Out of pain and suffering, there was hope.

After the stormed passed Wednesday, it was incredible to participate with a hundred plus volunteers as everyone descended on another flooded out neighborhood doing the hot, back-breaking work of tearing out sheet rock and flooring.  The spirit and resolve of people is truly amazing in times of crisis and need.

I encourage everyone no matter where you are to participate. The needs will be great for weeks and months to come, well after all the sensational news coverage fades. It is demolition and cleanup now, then the rebuilding begins.  Plan a trip with family, friends, church, or community organizations and come to Houston or the Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange gulf coast area.  If you're near the Corpus Christi/Rockport area, help there. It won’t take long to find a need and your help will be a lasting legacy on so many people.

We are in it together!

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