We Don't Want to be Managed!

Today, very few people, if any, want to be managed!  There is an evolution in leadership underway.  In the recently released book, LeaderShift, David Cottrell and I explore the necessary balance between structure and autonomy. The 3rd shift, From Structure to Enabled Autonomy, highlights the leadership evolution taking place today from managing people and process to enabling both organizational and people performance. 

Technology has allowed for more autonomy and creativity than ever before in delivering results.  However, complete autonomy without the structure that creates clarity, alignment, and an environment of accountability often results in chaos, confusion, and frustration. The proper structure should enable success, not impede it.

Enabled autonomy will be the catalyst for leading change, cultivating diverse thinking, enhancing employee engagement, and supports employee-led performance, the future of organizational performance.

"Enabled autonomy will be the catalyst for leading change..."

So is your leadership and organization evolving?  If not, find out how to get it started by ordering your copy of LeaderShift today.

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