Fake News or Real Truth?

How do you know what to believe today?

In the new book LeaderShift, scheduled for release on August 8th, bestselling author David Cottrell and I explore the need to move from organizational and individual fiction to truth.  

Each day we receive over 35,000 messages, either directly or indirectly, all targeted to influence our thinking and actions in some way and I can guarantee not all of those messages contain the full truth. An average person speaks 16,000 words each day. I can promise that some individuals will not always tell you the truth for any number of reasons.

So in your organization, can people tell truth from friction or are those lines blurred? More importantly, do the messages you send and the words you speak contain the truth – no matter what?  The foundation for team and personal success is built on truth (which leads to trust) and this week I challenge you to strengthen that foundation.

Learn more about making the shift from fiction to truth on August the 8th.

- Ken Carnes

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LeaderShift Release Date

August 8, 2017


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