Stop Managing People, Make the LeaderShift

Old management styles that used to be effective for 40-50 years are now becoming barriers to success, creating unnecessary turnover, perpetuating a culture of employee compliance not engagement, and where maintaining the status quo is valued. 

Business and organizations are rapidly evolving and changing, and so is leadership. In the new book LeaderShift, scheduled for release on August 8th, the bestselling author of over 25 books, including Monday Morning Leadership, David Cottrell and I create a path for future leadership success through story and examples that anyone can follow and benefit from.

Over the next 6 weeks I will give you a brief glimpse into each of the fundamental “leadershifts” taking place.  Next week I begin with shifting from “fiction to truth”, how to achieve clarity and alignment in a world full of cluttered communication and messaging.  Subsequent weeks will highlight moving from waiting to be led to leading where you are, from drifting and task focused to purpose driven, and finally shifting from fighting and managing change to leading change.

If you and your organization are ready to cultivate a culture of leadership at every level and have the tools to develop the leader in everyone, LeaderShift is the foundation that will get you started on a path to future leadership success.

- Ken Carnes

Upcoming Posts


AUGUST 1 - From Fiction to Truth

AUGUST 8 - From Waiting to be Led to Leading Where You Are

AUGUST 15 - From Structure to Enabled Autonomy

AUGUST 22 - From Drifting to Purpose

AUGUST 29 - From Customer Duty to Customer Passion

SEPTEMBER 5 - From Fighting Change to Guiding Change

LeaderShift Release Date

August 8, 2017


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