UBER and Wells Fargo; Success, but at What Cost?

UBER and Wells Fargo are both paying a steep price to get success right.

It is well documented the growth and financial successes each organization has achieved over the last several years. Unfortunately, it is also well documented the high price in negative publicity, legal action, and in retooling their respective organizational cultures and values each are having to pay to sustain that success.

Like UBER and Wells Fargo, many organizations spend a substantial amount of time and money on developing and cultivating business models and the bottom line results but often lose sight of how that success is being achieved.  In the end, it will be how success is achieved that will define your organization and stand the test of time. 



In the end, it will be how success is achieved that will define your organization and stand the test of time. 



Does your organization currently spend more time on developing technology, processes, and bottom line results than cultivating an environment of transparency, respect, and trust?

Is there a lot of talk about teamwork and personal accountability but daily actions throughout the organization reflect an environment of placing blame, making excuses, and pointing of fingers?

Are people leaders in your organization directing, controlling, and managing people versus inspiring, creating energy, facilitating, and developing them? Focused on the organizations  bottom line regardless of what the people and morale cost might be?

You certainly can’t ignore the tremendous growth and financial successes of UBER and Wells Fargo, but don’t ignore the environment and culture that is creating and supporting that success.  

Too many organizations are paying way too high a price to get success right! 

Is yours?

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