Leading Personal Performance in a Lagging Performance Management Environment

It is well known that most performance management processes being used today actually promote and measure lagging performance.  Goals and expectations are set at such a high level that by the time they get cascaded to the front line it can be days and weeks and with job specific clarity lacking or non-existent.  Then the measures of that performance are “reviewed” either annually or semi-annually where little can be done to accelerate performance or intervene, if required, until it is too late to have any meaningful near term impact. Even more importantly, in today’s constantly changing business environment these goals are always a moving target throughout the year and can be completely irrelevant by the time they are actually discussed.

However, even working in a performance process that might be lagging in nature, you can lead your personal performance by doing these “lead where you are” activities.



Proactively set expectations with your manager.  Don’t wait for leadership to set them for you. Take the initiative and set time on their calendar to outline expectations with them.

Set what your manager can expect from you as it relates to your daily performance activities, team contributions, personal behaviors, et cetera that will enable positive and sustainable performance results no matter what the specific goals might end up being as they get cascaded to you.



Set 20-30 minutes every 3-4 weeks with your manager to proactively lead the discussion on your performance results and how well you are delivering on the expectations you set.  Highlight your areas of success and have a plan for closing any gaps that might exist.



Create or update a personal learning plan that specifically enhances your eligibility (technical, leadership competencies), suitability (personal behaviors), and your viability (personal and team impact).  Gain continuous performance feedback from others on your areas of strength to leverage and areas for development. Talk through your growth progress during your regular performance connection meeting with your manager each month.

To lead your performance, control what you can, and as a result, begin to influence what you can’t by your performance success.  Don’t let lagging performance management processes hold you back from leading performance.

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